Monday, May 29, 2006

Knitting for Babies

Alright, so the baby the duck blanket was for was born a week or so ago, it was a girl, weighing in just over 8 lbs. Mom and baby are happy!

Now, my eldest cousin is due with her boy at the end of August, sooo, I've decided to knit this,

which is the Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 2 On the Go's Textured Blanket, out of this

that would be Knit Picks Andean Silk in Pool. Nothing like knitting with a colour called pool on a day when the humidex is over 40. Andean Silk is a 55% Superfile Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool blend and is nice and soft. It's knitting a little nicer than that last blanket. Not quite so mind numbing either. The first few times around each of the repeat rounds took some concentration, but I'm *knock on wood* getting the hand of it. I only had to rip out and start over after 9 rows once!

Here's the progress thus far, I'm about 1 ball in, with about 12 more to go!
That there is about all that is left of the first ball. At this rate its going to be about a ball a reapeat. With about 2 inches so far and 13 balls total I might fall a little short of the 32" called for, but hey! It's a friggin blanket!!!

I've also got my very first lace knitting project on the go, I only had to start it over once, and its going well so far. I'll post pictures of it later!

Now that classes are going full swing I should hopefully find more time for blogging. However, I am in 4th year and they decided that we had to do work. So who knows. I've procrastinated a lot so far this term. I just want to get that blanket done in time!!!


Blogger Felise Navidad said...

Andera I miss you too! BTW I love your knitting crafts!!! Especially Little Lord Fauntleroy!! :D

2:01 PM  

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