Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Missing: Laptop Power Cord and Digital Camera

Last Seen: I can't remember.
Likely Whereabouts: The floor of my room under the giant pile of crap.
Probably Date of Recovery: hopefully today!

So I got my Lornas Laces sock yarn from Redbird Knits yesterday. Its very very pretty. And soft. Yay! The only bad thing (and I realized this a few days ago) isthat I definitely only bought one skein of each. That's enough for one normal sock of each. Yeah, way to go Andrea. That was a s-m-r-t move. So, either I find some project that calls for one skein of sock weight yarn, or I make short socks. From the toe up of course. I'm such a dolt.

I spent last weekend knitting a penguin.

Please forgive the lackluster quality of the picture as it was taken at night, in our kitchen with my cell phone. He is stuffed and can stand on his own and does not yet have a name, although I am taking suggestions.

I also knit a pair of pink shiny fuzzy dice to hang in my car, I think I'll make some more that are a bit smaller. I learned many things making them and will change much the second time around.

Oh, the pattern for the penguin comes from the book Nursery Knits and the pattern for the dice came out of my head. I promise to post a picture of the dice when my camera and power cord return to the land of the living.

In other news, I started my second Jaywalker and the ducks on the baby blanket have feet, bums and tummy's. I have realized that I'm not all that good with intarsia. Oh well. I'm learning. That's all for now.