Monday, March 27, 2006


So, I got a Jaywalker finished, yes, one Jaywalker. Isn't it fabulous?

Like the nail polish? "Cha-Ching Cherry" My fingernails are the same.

Then, there's the baby blanket that is starting to suck my will to live. I don't think I will ever take on a huge mass of stockinette again any time soon, the yarn is soft, but not very forgiving.

The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Double Knitting in a soft yellow, blue-ish green and white.

Here is my progress so far with a ball of Snuggly in for scale. It's about 18" (bad Canadian, bad, you should use centimeters!! truth be told inches makes it seem smaller some how....)

*edit* Houston, we have pictures! yay!! so now you can see. and I am happy. oh yeah, i bought a car today! ahhh!! my first car!! its still kinda surreal, but fun!


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