Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I love Gooooooolllllddddd!!!

so, the gloves are finally finished. actually, they've been done for over a week, i've just been slacking on the posting. because i finished the gloves so soon, i decided to add a pair of socks to my olympic challenge. the first sock had a bit of the cuff done already, but nothing much. i also altered the pattern so that the second glove was knit on the round, i think it turned out a lot smoother, no bulky seams!

the socks are awesome, i'm still trying to figure out whether they make me think more about fruit loops or life savers. anyways, they were a birthday present for Christina and went in the mail to her yesterday. i had wanted to get them finished the weekend i was in waterloo so that i could just leave them with her, but i had some issues with the secone heel, and she's got monstrously huge feet, so that took a while.

i had a great time with the knitting olympics, and am so very pleased with my gold medal. i printed one out and put it on the fridge. congrats to all who obtained their gold and to those that didn't quite make it, that's ok, i'm sure you still had fun!!


Blogger H.S. Spinster said...

Hi! I go to UW too! I just started my master's this January. Way to go for the gold metal, on two items no less!

11:46 PM  

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