Friday, March 31, 2006

I have a problem.

Posting a comment on the Yarn Harlot's site today, I realized that I have a problem.

I have an addiction to socks.

I've always loved having fun socks. I always get 4 or 5 pairs of "fun" socks at Christmas. You know the ones I mean, with the cats or sharks or dancing bears on them. In super fun colours? They don't really match with anything, but they are fun to wear.

Now that I've learned about the awesomeness that is knitting socks, I'm hooked.

I discovered Red Bird Knits today. It's a Canadian company that sells some very beautiful yarns. If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy it all. Sadly, there's this little thing called "tuition" that I have to pay in a months time.

I really wanted Cherry Hill Supersock Merino in Monet:

It is so gorgeous, I kept staring at the picture, trying to decide if I could justify spending over $30 for a pair of (amazing) socks. Even I couldn't justify that one, athough I might spend some more time day dreaming about it.

Then I was looking at Cherry Hill Potluck Merino in Bright 4:

Also very fun, and would make a great pair of socks. Sadly, it's also a little more on the expensive side. :( Definitely day dream worthy though.

So, I "settled" (ha, settled, who am I kidding, I love this stuff too) with Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Bucks Bar:

and Glenwood:

I went with the Glenwood to steer me away from my pink addiciton.


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