Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wool Bin

so, today being my first day driving to work instead of taking the train, i went to the yarn store in Oakville after work but before going home. while i was not totally blown away, they had a very nice selection of hard to get stuff (apparently, i have no idea what's hard to get) and quite a few needles. they were nice enough to give me 2mm straight needles for $1!! yay.

i picked up some violently bright verigated yarn to make cat toys out of.....

... this will be fun.

i also decided that since i've got sock making sized needles, i should make socks. so i got some awesome striping sock yarn.

look at the inside!!! there are more colours! i'm very excited.

since i can't read any foreign language i know that this yarn is for socks because of this handy little image on the lable...


Blogger Whit said...

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!


1:56 a.m.  
Blogger Whit said...

HOLY COW - seamed gloves?! Well, have fun!!!

But, the good news is you can still join Team DPN. Cause the rules are (and I realize they're on my blog and not the team blog so I'll fix that this morning):

1) Doing a project for the Olympics that uses DPNs (AND / OR)

2) Poking people during the Olympics with your DPNs

So, as long as you're willing to poke somebody with DPNs (which might happen shortly after you have to start seaming said gloves)...

9:38 a.m.  

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