Wednesday, February 08, 2006

missed the boat, team Hamilton

well, it would appear that checking one's knitting teams blog often would have its benefits. i missed the boat on Team Canada knitting jerseys! perhaps i'll take the logo into Mason's in Dundas and get my own made... and just a t-shirt.... that might be fun.

the logo is really neat, i especially enjoy the yarn and needles in the maple leaf.

my swatching is going well, the yarn is so soft and slippy that i have to wrap it around my fingers a few times to get the right gauge. and that gauge is very very very tiny . this project will be difficult to complete.

now that i've said that, i'm also going to try and bang out a square or two for Team Hamilton's Linus Project project.

i'm a crazy person.


Blogger one_armed_bandit said...

so NOT a crazy person. And if you are that makes 2 of us.

I love reading about how much better than me you are at this stuff.

Is there like a drop of place for the linus squares?

9:17 p.m.  

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