Friday, February 03, 2006

kip and baby knits and team dpn

so, we went to my brother's basketball game (Parkside Panther's Sr. Boys) yesterday at Glenndale in the east end of Hamilton and i consider it a good night because we didn't get stabbed. anyways, the coaches wife, Annie, is probably about 5 months pregnant with their first child. i'd brought along my swatching with me, and as soon as i sat down in the bleachers i turned to my mom and said "i can knit baby clothes!!!!" and she had just thought the same thing.

(just a note, yes, i'm almost 22 and living at home, but that's only because i'm doing a co-op term in Oakville, and living at home during co-op terms lets me save more money, i'm in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and trust me, i need to save alllll the money i can)

so anyways, now i've very excited about knitting baby stuff, that will have to wait for after the Olympics.

i asked my brother after his game (they won btw, 43 to 42, one of the guys on their team sunk two 3's in the last minute of the game for the win, it was intense) if he say me knitting and he was like, "yeah, you looked like a grandma, i said to the guys, look, there's grandma Rayner, even Moning thought you looked like a nerd" so i said to him, "just you wait for the next time you want me to make you anything!!" good one andrea, retaliate an insult about knitting with witholding knitting. yeah.

i joined Team DPN yesterday, even though i'm not technically knitting on dpns. i just thought i was. i might try and alter my pattern to use dpns for the second glove, but i need the first one done first, i'm having issues visualizing the pattern right now.


Blogger C-Dub :o) said...

I just wanted to tell you something, you can take it if you want, or you can send it right back....I want to be on you.

HA! See, I told you I am going crazy here!

Miss you!

5:46 p.m.  

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