Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy early birthday to me

so every year i start to get a little excited on valentines because i know that my birthday is only 1 whole week away. in honour of the day and because i didn't get to see my bf, i decided to do a little shopping. it started out innocent enough, Lewiscraft had some machine washable soft stuff on sale, perfect for Project Linus squares, and then i found some Kroy sock yarn, i'm addicted to socks btw, and i haven't even finished one yet. so i got two different colourways. they are fun.

then i stopped and got season one of Greys Anatomy which came out today. i love that show. it's great. i'm excited. then i picked up a nice little pair of earings. a gift to me from me. it was nice.

then, we went to Litzen's downtown in Dundas. they're closing the store and everything is super on sale, but you have to be a friend or family member of someone who works there to get an invitation to the sale. luckily, our family is the most connected family in dundas. one of the boys on the basketball team works there and gave us a few passes. what a nice boy he is, because now i have this....

ok, so i've only been snowboarding twice, but rentals are so touch and go, one day you'll get a great one, and the next you get a crap one. all told the package was $320 canadian with taxes. if it hadn't been on sale, i would have spent at least twice that for the same stuff. it's all Morrow, the board and boots are Wildflower and the board is 153 cm tall. i'm very excited. my step brother Jordan is my favourite brother of the day because he put the bindings on for me.


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