Friday, February 17, 2006

quick update

so far i have one glove and ond sock complete, with the second glove 2 sets of increases into the gusset, if only they'd decided to close work yesterday along with the schools, i might have gotten more done! my goal this weekend is to finish the second glove (this one is knit on the round and i'm liking it more already) and get a good start on the second sock, maybe to the point of heel. we shall see!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy early birthday to me

so every year i start to get a little excited on valentines because i know that my birthday is only 1 whole week away. in honour of the day and because i didn't get to see my bf, i decided to do a little shopping. it started out innocent enough, Lewiscraft had some machine washable soft stuff on sale, perfect for Project Linus squares, and then i found some Kroy sock yarn, i'm addicted to socks btw, and i haven't even finished one yet. so i got two different colourways. they are fun.

then i stopped and got season one of Greys Anatomy which came out today. i love that show. it's great. i'm excited. then i picked up a nice little pair of earings. a gift to me from me. it was nice.

then, we went to Litzen's downtown in Dundas. they're closing the store and everything is super on sale, but you have to be a friend or family member of someone who works there to get an invitation to the sale. luckily, our family is the most connected family in dundas. one of the boys on the basketball team works there and gave us a few passes. what a nice boy he is, because now i have this....

ok, so i've only been snowboarding twice, but rentals are so touch and go, one day you'll get a great one, and the next you get a crap one. all told the package was $320 canadian with taxes. if it hadn't been on sale, i would have spent at least twice that for the same stuff. it's all Morrow, the board and boots are Wildflower and the board is 153 cm tall. i'm very excited. my step brother Jordan is my favourite brother of the day because he put the bindings on for me.

glove progress

ok, this is where i'm at with glove number 1. as you can see, glove number 1 is done. yay! some of the seams are a little wonky, but hey, it's a first. i think that glove number 2 will be knit on the round because seaming is for losers. or people that are good at it. i am neither. haha. anyways, in order to work the cuff on the round i need my 2mm double points back, and they are currently tied up in a sock, sooo, i have to finish the sock. only an inch or so until the toe, so that shouldn't be too long!

thumbs up for 1/2 done my original olympic challenege after 3 days.!

oh yeah, this blog...

i've been so busy knitting and posting on Team Canada that i keep forgetting to post here.

i'm aiming to finish a sock tonight, so hopefully i'l post my finished glove and sock tomorrow. glove is already done, sock is on the way.

for now, i'll leave you with this craptacular button i made last night, after seeing a "Team Western" button at Team Canada, i just couldn't help myself.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

missed the boat, team Hamilton

well, it would appear that checking one's knitting teams blog often would have its benefits. i missed the boat on Team Canada knitting jerseys! perhaps i'll take the logo into Mason's in Dundas and get my own made... and just a t-shirt.... that might be fun.

the logo is really neat, i especially enjoy the yarn and needles in the maple leaf.

my swatching is going well, the yarn is so soft and slippy that i have to wrap it around my fingers a few times to get the right gauge. and that gauge is very very very tiny . this project will be difficult to complete.

now that i've said that, i'm also going to try and bang out a square or two for Team Hamilton's Linus Project project.

i'm a crazy person.

Friday, February 03, 2006

kip and baby knits and team dpn

so, we went to my brother's basketball game (Parkside Panther's Sr. Boys) yesterday at Glenndale in the east end of Hamilton and i consider it a good night because we didn't get stabbed. anyways, the coaches wife, Annie, is probably about 5 months pregnant with their first child. i'd brought along my swatching with me, and as soon as i sat down in the bleachers i turned to my mom and said "i can knit baby clothes!!!!" and she had just thought the same thing.

(just a note, yes, i'm almost 22 and living at home, but that's only because i'm doing a co-op term in Oakville, and living at home during co-op terms lets me save more money, i'm in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and trust me, i need to save alllll the money i can)

so anyways, now i've very excited about knitting baby stuff, that will have to wait for after the Olympics.

i asked my brother after his game (they won btw, 43 to 42, one of the guys on their team sunk two 3's in the last minute of the game for the win, it was intense) if he say me knitting and he was like, "yeah, you looked like a grandma, i said to the guys, look, there's grandma Rayner, even Moning thought you looked like a nerd" so i said to him, "just you wait for the next time you want me to make you anything!!" good one andrea, retaliate an insult about knitting with witholding knitting. yeah.

i joined Team DPN yesterday, even though i'm not technically knitting on dpns. i just thought i was. i might try and alter my pattern to use dpns for the second glove, but i need the first one done first, i'm having issues visualizing the pattern right now.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wool Bin

so, today being my first day driving to work instead of taking the train, i went to the yarn store in Oakville after work but before going home. while i was not totally blown away, they had a very nice selection of hard to get stuff (apparently, i have no idea what's hard to get) and quite a few needles. they were nice enough to give me 2mm straight needles for $1!! yay.

i picked up some violently bright verigated yarn to make cat toys out of.....

... this will be fun.

i also decided that since i've got sock making sized needles, i should make socks. so i got some awesome striping sock yarn.

look at the inside!!! there are more colours! i'm very excited.

since i can't read any foreign language i know that this yarn is for socks because of this handy little image on the lable...

stupid cat

so, our cat likes plastic bags. after posting pictures of my new purchase on saturday, i'd left my supplies on the couch. shortly thereafter the cat was up on the arm of the couch furiously licking the bag my yarn was in. what a nut bar. so i decided it was time to make her some of the cat toys in the newest SnB book. more later on that.