Friday, January 20, 2006

knitting olympics!!!

yes folks, that's right, the knitting olympics!!

basically, you pick a project that is challenging for you, you start during the opening cerimonies and you must finish by the end of the closing cerimonies. if you finish your project, you get a gold medal (image).

yeah, its kinda corny, but i'm sorta really excited. i need to find a project to do! i'm thinking something lace or cables. i've never really done lace or cables and i think it would be good. so for now, the pattern hunt is on.

i think i've convinced erica to do it with me. which is so exciting, i think she's going to attempt socks. or was it mittens? i forget.

anywho, i'm currently watching last nights o.c. and i need to start hunting for a pattern, so i'll blog again later when i find something!!


Blogger Felise Navidad said...

hahaha you're right, that is corny ;) hehe. it sounds fun though if u know how to knit!! I wanna learn!

1:19 a.m.  

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