Sunday, January 29, 2006

finally finished christmas mittens

i started knitting this really awesome toque for my boyfriends brother for christmas the day before i was going to be at their house. i knitted the whole way there on the bus and the train only to give an almost finished fair isle toque to him to have the ungrateful 13 year old say, umm, can you make me something else?? ahhh!!! so i figured, alright, how about mittens? so mittens it was.

i have a pattern that i've used to make myself mittens a few times, and they're a good size for me, but this kid is growing, and neede something a little bigger. i also wanted to make then a little thicker for warmth, so i solved both problems at once by holding two strands of each colour together while knitting.

i was able to do the whole thing from stash, which was awesome, i did have to do a bit of frogging on a sweater i'd given up on a while ago.

i ran out of yarn a few times and had to go digging around in my room for more of the same, but eventially got it all done. my boyfriend and his family live 3 hours away, so i was in no real rush to get these done, as i just had to get them done for the next time i saw the family!

not too sure if all of that made sense, but anyways, here are the mittens! they are so thick they can stand up by themselves if you open up the cuff!


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