Sunday, January 29, 2006

yarn of olympic proportions...

so i headed out to the Needle Emporium in Ancaster yesterday afternoon to pick out some yarn for my knitting olympics project. the pattern called for 100% cashmere, but that was $34/10o yards, and i need over 300 yards. yeah, lets spend that much on gloves.

i ended up with a really nice cashsoft 4-ply yarn in a light dusty rose.

then it was time to pick up needles. now, i didn't totally read the pattern, just looked at what size needles i needed. since i was knitting gloves, i just sort of assumed i needed double point needles for the project, so, that's what i got.

the bamboo ones kind of look like toothpicks, don't they? well, after i got home, i sat down to read the pattern. well, these gloves are knit flat and the sewn together. great! now i have to find 2mm and 2.75mm straight needles!

michael's in burlington didn't have anything smaller than 3mm, so i'll proably have to go back to the Needle Emporium, so just figure out how to change the pattern from flat to circular. we shall see!

finally finished christmas mittens

i started knitting this really awesome toque for my boyfriends brother for christmas the day before i was going to be at their house. i knitted the whole way there on the bus and the train only to give an almost finished fair isle toque to him to have the ungrateful 13 year old say, umm, can you make me something else?? ahhh!!! so i figured, alright, how about mittens? so mittens it was.

i have a pattern that i've used to make myself mittens a few times, and they're a good size for me, but this kid is growing, and neede something a little bigger. i also wanted to make then a little thicker for warmth, so i solved both problems at once by holding two strands of each colour together while knitting.

i was able to do the whole thing from stash, which was awesome, i did have to do a bit of frogging on a sweater i'd given up on a while ago.

i ran out of yarn a few times and had to go digging around in my room for more of the same, but eventially got it all done. my boyfriend and his family live 3 hours away, so i was in no real rush to get these done, as i just had to get them done for the next time i saw the family!

not too sure if all of that made sense, but anyways, here are the mittens! they are so thick they can stand up by themselves if you open up the cuff!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

project selected!

alright, after much much thought, I think I've finally settled on a project for the Olympics.

I picked up Vogue Knitting Accessorize and I will be doing the Cabled Gloves on page 110.

So, now I just have to head on out to the Needle Emporium and check out yarns! I'm excited!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

lys indeed!!

so i finally stopped in the wool store in downtown dundas today, and much to my surprise, its full fo gorgeous hand spun wool! they lady that owns the store dyes and spins all the wool, some of it was a bit pricey, but hey, its 100% natural and made with love, so no complaining.

i'm still looking for a pattern for the yarn olympics. i have no clue what i want to make. i dont really want to take on a sweater, mostly because i can't find anything i really like. i looked through a bunch of knitting magazines at chapters today, maybe i'll go back tomorrow and take another look!

Friday, January 20, 2006

knitting olympics!!!

yes folks, that's right, the knitting olympics!!

basically, you pick a project that is challenging for you, you start during the opening cerimonies and you must finish by the end of the closing cerimonies. if you finish your project, you get a gold medal (image).

yeah, its kinda corny, but i'm sorta really excited. i need to find a project to do! i'm thinking something lace or cables. i've never really done lace or cables and i think it would be good. so for now, the pattern hunt is on.

i think i've convinced erica to do it with me. which is so exciting, i think she's going to attempt socks. or was it mittens? i forget.

anywho, i'm currently watching last nights o.c. and i need to start hunting for a pattern, so i'll blog again later when i find something!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

iPod sock

aftering seeing how awesome his sisters nano case was, Jordan wanted an iPod case that matched his toque. this picture is with the iPod in its "sock". i knit it on the round and sewed up one end. i tried doing the bottom by binding off two stitches at a time holding it flat, but it just didn't look right, so, sewing it was!

here it is with the iPod pulled out a bit, i used a 3-1 ribbing so it pulls nice and tight when the iPod isn't in, as you can see, its the same colours as the snowflake toque from a previous post.

top view, easily accessible headphone port but still nice and secure. Jordan actually tried to shake it out upside down, but the iPod stayed nice and secure! all in all, this took about 30-45 minutes!

fuzzy iPod nano case

up close and personal with the fuzzy iPod nano case i made for my step sister Jayme. the eyelash yarn was on sale at Michael's for $4, so i just bought it with no particular project in mind, but when Jayme said she wanted a case for her new iPod, i knew exactly what to use the yarn for

this is a picture with the nano pulled out a bit, there a little flap that goes over the top to seal everything in and braided ties to keep it closed!

and its even functitonal. i started doing yo's to make a hole for the headphones, but since the knitted fabric was open, i just made my own hole between some loose stitches and sewed in an opening with spare yarn!

snowflake toque

snowflake hat!! i made this with a soft chunky wool on size 10 1/2 bamboo double points. the wool was really nice and the needles were amazing, so it knit up in a few hours!

this is my step brother Jordan, for whom the hat was made posing with his matching iPod case, more on that later!!

knit this!!!

welcome to my knitting blog!

this is where you can find info about the projects i've done, the projects i'm working on and projects i'd like to attempt.

so, check back often, and if you see something you just can't live without, let me know, and we'll see what we can do.... ;)