Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm a bad blogger

So I told myself that now that I was in the swing of things at school, I'd try to blog more.

Apparently 6 courses and 10 hours a week in the coffee shop keeps me pretty busy.

I have been knitting, though not as much as when I'm home. I'm currently working on several projects, which is kind of a first for me. No pictures now, because I should be working on the lab report, and it's dark outside, so pictures later.

Project 1. Trellis Scarf from Vogue Knitting, progress as of late, none. This guy is sitting on my dresser looking at me funny.

Project 2. Textured Baby Blanket in Pool from Vogue Knitting On the Go, Baby Blankets 2. I'm just about through my second ball on this. I only have to frog once, and it's going much better now.

Project 3. My "Class" Sock. Fifth sock ever knit, done from the toe up (cause I'm an idiot and didn't buy enough of the yarn, so, they will be short socks). These are done with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Desert Flower and I pretty well only work on them in class. They are my backpack knitting project, small and very portable. I'm about 5 inches in on them and only worked the same toe about 3 times. Finally got it the way I like it though!

Project 4. Yoga Bag from Inspired Cables in All Hemp 6 (I think) in Dusty Rose. Try as I might I just couldn't get stitch gauge on this guy. I was not about to go down a 4th needle size only to see the same results. It's about a third of a pattern repeat in and looking pretty good!

That's all, I promise pictures later!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Knitting for Babies

Alright, so the baby the duck blanket was for was born a week or so ago, it was a girl, weighing in just over 8 lbs. Mom and baby are happy!

Now, my eldest cousin is due with her boy at the end of August, sooo, I've decided to knit this,

which is the Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 2 On the Go's Textured Blanket, out of this

that would be Knit Picks Andean Silk in Pool. Nothing like knitting with a colour called pool on a day when the humidex is over 40. Andean Silk is a 55% Superfile Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool blend and is nice and soft. It's knitting a little nicer than that last blanket. Not quite so mind numbing either. The first few times around each of the repeat rounds took some concentration, but I'm *knock on wood* getting the hand of it. I only had to rip out and start over after 9 rows once!

Here's the progress thus far, I'm about 1 ball in, with about 12 more to go!
That there is about all that is left of the first ball. At this rate its going to be about a ball a reapeat. With about 2 inches so far and 13 balls total I might fall a little short of the 32" called for, but hey! It's a friggin blanket!!!

I've also got my very first lace knitting project on the go, I only had to start it over once, and its going well so far. I'll post pictures of it later!

Now that classes are going full swing I should hopefully find more time for blogging. However, I am in 4th year and they decided that we had to do work. So who knows. I've procrastinated a lot so far this term. I just want to get that blanket done in time!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Prepare yourselves.....

.... this is gonna be a long one.

I realize I've been a slacker and not posted in a while, but the whole period of time at the end of one term and the beginning of the next is always crazy. Lots of packing and moving and getting settled. I have been knitting though. So here's what I've been up to!!

Here are a pair of baby booties a made for one of the ladies I worked with over my last co-op term, she was having a girl, hence the pink.

The backdrop is my mom's easter table cloth. There are tulips and dafodil's and bunny's. It's awesome.

I made these, one a night during the last week of April out of my left over R2 CashSoft from my Olympic project with some of the white from the baby blanket I'm making. The pattern came out of Nursery Knits.

Speaking of the baby blanket, I've just about finished it. I had finished the knitting once but ripped back the ducks part because apparently I suck at intarsia. I'm still having issues with it, but I'm going to finish sewing in the ends and then wash it, and hopefully the stitches will even out.

Below you can see how many ends I have left. Each green stripe was 2 ends to sew, and there were about 100 for each duck (that might be a bit of an exageration, but there were a lot). I had to be very careful sewing in ends because A) they showed like a bitch through the other side and B) have a tendency to slip out. Jerks. I don't think I'll be working too much more with this yarn, it's super soft and awesome, but not much fun.

Now, I'd like to bring you another picture of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Yes, we named the penguin Little Lord Fauntleroy. I never claimed my boyfriend was a normal person, and I think that name just shouts how nice and wonderfully original he is. Most people I show the penguin to are suprpised by how large he is. Below you can see him with a normal sized bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol. As you can see behind him, I'm a fan of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series. Yeah, I'm a nerd, deal with it!

And here we have my finished Jaywalkers. One of them has a few errors in it, but I learned to deal with them. These were a learning experience and only my second pair of socks, so I'm happy. I'm not sure yet whether they will be staying with me or being given away. If you have ladies size 8.5-9 feet and you think you cannot live without these socks, let me know!

You can also see here my ever growing collection of knitting books. I know, for some, it's small, but for those of you who don't actually knit, it may seem a bit much. Oh well. I like them. They make me happy. My newest additions are Mason-Dixie Knitting, which is awesome fun and Inpired Knits, which is so fabulous. I've already got a request fo the yoga bag. Made out of hemp even! I have so many things I want to make, it's going to be interesting.

And here is what I've been up to (besides the socks and blanket) for the last week or so. I picked up a huge honkin' thing of coloured cotton from Zellers when we were picking up things for the new house, thus far is has provided me with two of the patterns on the ball band, an Ann and Kay special and a "company dishcloth" from the first knitting book I owned, and it's not even half gone. AND, it was less than $8! I think I love cotton. The colours are so fun, it's never boring knitting these guys.

I'm starting to get people interested in learning to knit, so Erica and I are trying to set up a meeting time for Knitting in Engineering. I'm one of the managers for the pub/lounge we have in Engineering, so a space isn't the problem, it's just finding a time. We'll be talking a bit about it a the EngSoc Meeting this week, so if you're at all interested, pay attention!

I think this has gone on long enough now, and I don't have too much more to say on the knitting front, so I'll say toodles, and try to update a little more often from now on!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Missing: Laptop Power Cord and Digital Camera

Last Seen: I can't remember.
Likely Whereabouts: The floor of my room under the giant pile of crap.
Probably Date of Recovery: hopefully today!

So I got my Lornas Laces sock yarn from Redbird Knits yesterday. Its very very pretty. And soft. Yay! The only bad thing (and I realized this a few days ago) isthat I definitely only bought one skein of each. That's enough for one normal sock of each. Yeah, way to go Andrea. That was a s-m-r-t move. So, either I find some project that calls for one skein of sock weight yarn, or I make short socks. From the toe up of course. I'm such a dolt.

I spent last weekend knitting a penguin.

Please forgive the lackluster quality of the picture as it was taken at night, in our kitchen with my cell phone. He is stuffed and can stand on his own and does not yet have a name, although I am taking suggestions.

I also knit a pair of pink shiny fuzzy dice to hang in my car, I think I'll make some more that are a bit smaller. I learned many things making them and will change much the second time around.

Oh, the pattern for the penguin comes from the book Nursery Knits and the pattern for the dice came out of my head. I promise to post a picture of the dice when my camera and power cord return to the land of the living.

In other news, I started my second Jaywalker and the ducks on the baby blanket have feet, bums and tummy's. I have realized that I'm not all that good with intarsia. Oh well. I'm learning. That's all for now.

Friday, March 31, 2006


So Robyn, the owner/operator of Red Bird Knits (get it, Robyn, Red Bird, I love it) just e-mail me to say they are *gasp* actually out of Bucks Bar. Boo. I really loved that one. I had already worked out what to do with it too. So, instead I'm taking Desert Flower:

Still very beautiful. I love all the different colours!

I suppose that I will live.

I have a problem.

Posting a comment on the Yarn Harlot's site today, I realized that I have a problem.

I have an addiction to socks.

I've always loved having fun socks. I always get 4 or 5 pairs of "fun" socks at Christmas. You know the ones I mean, with the cats or sharks or dancing bears on them. In super fun colours? They don't really match with anything, but they are fun to wear.

Now that I've learned about the awesomeness that is knitting socks, I'm hooked.

I discovered Red Bird Knits today. It's a Canadian company that sells some very beautiful yarns. If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy it all. Sadly, there's this little thing called "tuition" that I have to pay in a months time.

I really wanted Cherry Hill Supersock Merino in Monet:

It is so gorgeous, I kept staring at the picture, trying to decide if I could justify spending over $30 for a pair of (amazing) socks. Even I couldn't justify that one, athough I might spend some more time day dreaming about it.

Then I was looking at Cherry Hill Potluck Merino in Bright 4:

Also very fun, and would make a great pair of socks. Sadly, it's also a little more on the expensive side. :( Definitely day dream worthy though.

So, I "settled" (ha, settled, who am I kidding, I love this stuff too) with Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Bucks Bar:

and Glenwood:

I went with the Glenwood to steer me away from my pink addiciton.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

for those of you keeping track....

..... that jaywalker sock is the very same one that i was working on during the Winter frosh leader retreat. and no, i'm really not that slow, its my "keep me sane knitting" while doing that bloody blanket.

with that said, back to the blanket, Idol is kinda sucking tonight so far, i think i'd rather knit!

Monday, March 27, 2006


So, I got a Jaywalker finished, yes, one Jaywalker. Isn't it fabulous?

Like the nail polish? "Cha-Ching Cherry" My fingernails are the same.

Then, there's the baby blanket that is starting to suck my will to live. I don't think I will ever take on a huge mass of stockinette again any time soon, the yarn is soft, but not very forgiving.

The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Double Knitting in a soft yellow, blue-ish green and white.

Here is my progress so far with a ball of Snuggly in for scale. It's about 18" (bad Canadian, bad, you should use centimeters!! truth be told inches makes it seem smaller some how....)

*edit* Houston, we have pictures! yay!! so now you can see. and I am happy. oh yeah, i bought a car today! ahhh!! my first car!! its still kinda surreal, but fun!